Madina's Automotive

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Customer Testimonials

"I've been to Madina's a few times and the place always exceeds my expectations. Today, I had to drop off my car to get it looked at and the owner allowed me to use his car so I could get to a coffee shop and work while they looked at it.

I'm not expecting that type of service all of the time, but let's talk about trusting! Lastly, I'm pretty sure that his labor costs are half of that at a dealership or most other places.

I'm a loyal fan! It feels good to have a mechanic you can trust and know he isn't out to get you."

-J.H. from


"Mohamed is a hard working business person who has the highest ethical standards. He will work with you and advise you on the best option even if that means he does not get the business in the end. That is an extremely rare quality in the realm of auto repairs or any other profession for that matter. I would highly recommend you visit with Mohamed at Madina's the next time you have an auto related question."



"Mohammad is a very honest and straight-forward mechanic. He helps to find the most economical solutions to fix your car. If he is not sure about anything he'll let you know upfront. He is very reliable and good person to work with. I'll strongly recommend him for your auto repairs. You save a lot and have peace of mind." 

- Anonymous,